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Museopunks Episode 38: Decolonization and its Discontents

Category: Collections Stewardship

As decolonization moves more firmly onto the agenda in museums, so too does its critique. In this episode, we speak with Sumaya Kassim, author of the essay ‘The Museum Will Not Be Decolonised’, and Nathan “Mudyi” Sentance to ask whether museums can dismantle the colonial gaze. We also find out more about the kinds of structural changes inside museums that may be necessary to fully support First Nations people and People of Colour working in our cultural institutions.

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Sumaya Kassim is a writer and researcher best known for her essay ‘The Museum Will Not Be Decolonised’ which chronicled her experience working on an exhibition with Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery as a co-curator. Her recent article ‘The Museum is the Master’s House: An Open Response to Tristram Hunt’ challenged the director of the Victoria and Albert Museum to question his assumptions about what it means to live in colonial aftermaths.  @SFKassim

Nathan “Mudyi” Sentance is a Wiradjuri man from the Mowgee clan, who grew up on Darkinjung Country, NSW. Nathan works to ensure that First Nations stories being told in cultural and memory institutions, such as libraries, archives, and museums are being told and controlled by First Nations people. Nathan talks about critical librarianship and critical museology from a First Nations perspective on his blog, the Archival Decolonist [-o-]

Show Notes

Decolonization: we aren’t going to save you

‘Museums are dangerous places’ – challenging history

The museum will not be decolonized

Should museums return their colonial artifacts?

The Museum is the Master’s House: An Open Letter to Tristram Hunt

Archival Decolonist [-o-]

A Community of Relations: Mukurtu Hubs and Spokes

Episode 26: Decolonize the Museum!

2020 Call for Proposals Topic Suggestions

Tristram Hunt and the de/recontextualisation of museum artefacts

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