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Using an Annual DEAI Report as a Tool for Transparency, Accountability, and Change

At science museums, we spend considerable time and effort instilling the notion in our visitors that mistakes are not something to shy away from, but opportunities for learning and growth. …

The Earnest Work of Dreaming: Chicanafuturism in Visual Art

Visions of the future created by and centering the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC) are essential to our collective potential to transform the world as we …

Anti-Racist by Design: How the Oakland Museum of California Is Building Equity into Its Practices

At the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA), diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and anti-racism are commitments that have long been a part of our DNA, both internally and in our work with …

Are Museums’ Young Patron Groups Meeting Calls for Diversity?

“If we want to create situations and circumstances that more reflect the communities we live in, we have to have better communication and a better understanding of what the community …

What Does a Truly Equitable Recruiting Process Look Like?

A few years ago, AAM began a journey to re-evaluate our recruitment process and do more to encourage a diverse applicant pool for our job openings. As a result, we overhauled our …

Rethinking Our Human Resources Practices to Build a More Equitable Museum

Less than three weeks after COVID forced museums around the globe to close their doors last year, an article by Arundhati Roy in The Financial Times titled “The Pandemic is a Portal” …

A Deeper Model of Community Co-Creation

Museums often talk about reaching out to communities, or co-creating with community members, for an exhibition or project. But often in these cases, the formula is lopsided in favor the …
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Museum as Living Room: A Q&A with Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts’ Victoria Ramirez

Category: Alliance Blog
I believe museums matter because they serve as vital community spaces, where we can meet, mingle, work, learn, study, daydream, and everything in between. I came to this realization, in …

Act Now to Speak Up for Museums!

Category: Advocacy Alert
Advocacy Alert – June 7, 2024 In this Alliance Advocacy Alert: Appropriations Update: Act Now to Speak Up for Museums! Start Today: Plan to Participate in #InviteCongress 2024 …

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