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AAM 2019 Slate of Candidates for Board of Directors

Category: News
AAM’s Board of Directors has nominated seven distinguished professionals from the museum field and beyond as candidates to serve on the Board with terms that begin in May 2019. Four are …

Up On the Roof: The McNay Art Museum’s re-roofing project

Category: Facilities & Risk Management
The McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX houses a world-class collection of more than 22,000 works by masters from around the world—Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, O’Keefe and many more. …

Make Your Mark at Museums Advocacy Day 2019

Category: Advocacy Alert
Advocacy Alert – January 18, 2019 Make Your Mark at Museums Advocacy Day 2019 – Register by Jan. 25 On February 25-26, museum supporters and professionals from around the …