What is our museum’s social impact?

Trying to understand and measure how our museum changes lives in our community. When the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) first opened its doors, it was considered a "people's museum," a …

Why in the Age of Trump, I Believe the Art World Must Become a Sanctuary

Museums doing digital and museums doing good — can we forge a connection?

Study: Visits to science centers spark interest in science

Museums have a duty to be political

Tools and Resources In the Wake of Charlottesville

The Importance of And

Change – CODE | WORDS Technology and Theory in the Museum

Museums… So What?

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Can Art Help People Feel The Devastation Of Climate Change?

Environmental Sustainability
In early 2018, a small gallery at the Parsons School of Design in Lower Manhattan glowed with a bluish-green light. It emanated from an art installation by Peggy Weil titled 88 Cores, which …

‘It Is an Unusual and Radical Act’: Why the Baltimore Museum Is Selling Blue-Chip Art to Buy Work by Underrepresented Artists

Collections Stewardship
Lots of museum leaders talk about wanting to diversify their collections. Christopher Bedford, the director of the Baltimore Museum of Art, is actually doing it-though not everyone may …

3D Scans Help Preserve History, But Who Should Own Them?

Collections Stewardship
War, natural disasters and climate change are destroying some of the world's most precious cultural sites. Google is trying to help preserve these archaeological wonders by allowing users …