What is our museum’s social impact?

Trying to understand and measure how our museum changes lives in our community. When the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) first opened its doors, it was considered a "people's museum," a …

Why in the Age of Trump, I Believe the Art World Must Become a Sanctuary

Museums doing digital and museums doing good — can we forge a connection?

Study: Visits to science centers spark interest in science

Museums have a duty to be political

Tools and Resources In the Wake of Charlottesville

The Importance of And

Change – CODE | WORDS Technology and Theory in the Museum

Museums… So What?

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From Stodgy to Story – Glensheen’s historic transformation

Alliance Blog
In 2013, it was clear that Glensheen, the historic Congdon estate on Lake Superior was in decline—and it wasn’t just a brick and mortar problem. “Our attendance that year was at a low of …

Exploring the Future Through the Museum of Banned Objects

Center for the Future Of Museums Blog
One way futurists expand our thinking is through the creation of immersive scenarios: physical embodiments of possible futures. In one of my favorite examples, futurist Jake Dunagan …

Museums & Climate Change: A Global Response

Environmental Sustainability
At the first International Symposium on Museums & Climate Change*, held April 10 – 13 in Manchester, UK, seventy-five or more attendees gathered to explore how museums can and should …