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Leadership of Raquel Aguiñaga-Martínez

Margarita Sandino - Chair, Latino Network
  • Director of Education
  • Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, TN
Raquel Aguiñaga-Martínez - Vice-Chair, Latino Network
  • Visual Arts Associate Director/Registrar
  • National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, IL
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Latino Network

The Latino Network of the American Alliance of Museums represents Latino professionals working in museums and cultural institutions in the United States. It offers expertise to U.S. museums interested in better understanding Latino issues and engaging Latino audiences through the development of exhibitions, collections, public programs, and education initiatives. The Latino Network is a strong resource for networking, job opportunities and Latino museum and cultural events and exhibitions from the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean.

The Latino Network serves as a liaison between the U.S. museum community and Latin American and Caribbean museums, research centers, and cultural institutions. The Latino Network offers guidance to museums across the Americas in their efforts to create partnerships and collaborations, and recently completed a survey of museum directors in Latin America and the Caribbean to gather information about the museum community in that region assess needs and potential for international collaborations.

The Latino Network’s role within AAM

  • To provide support, data, and valuable information to AAM leadership and key staff members in their interaction with the U.S. Latino and Latin American and the Caribbean museum community.
  • Participate in the National Program Committee that reviews the program sessions for AAM’s Annual Meeting.
  • Part of the Advisory Committee for the Conference of the Americas
  • Assist AAM with edition of official documents translated to Spanish

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Current Initiatives

The Latino Network is currently

  • Sponsoring networking events in different U.S. cities
  • Scheduling regular phone call discussions about Latino issues in museums, open to all members and followers
  • Creating Latino Inclusion Guidelines to address museum needs and compile relevant practices for museums to use when working with Latino audiences and professionals


The Latino and Latin American communities have made an undeniable contribution to the American society. Their cultural legacies enrich US museums and their participation strengthens our capacity to create powerful intercultural dialogs through exhibitions, educational, and public programming and other initiatives. These public dialogs reaffirm the American ideals of an inclusive and pluralistic democracy.


  • Create spaces for critical conversations on museum diversity and inclusion
  • Participate in session programs, luncheons, marketplace of ideas, international roundtables and open forum events during the AAM Annual Meeting
  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Offer mentorship program for Latino professionals
  • Focus on data collection and research analysis, to shed light on the needs of US and Latin-American Latino museum professionals
  • Create regional networking events
  • Promote equitable representation of Latinos in U.S. museums and cultural institutions


Members Speak Out In Response to Executive Orders that Affect Immigrant Communities across the Nation

(March 2017)

Members of AAM’s Latino Professional Network speak out against a series of executive orders signed in late January, in which President Trump ordered the construction of a wall along the US border with Mexico, restricted federal funds to sanctuary jurisdictions, and imposed a ban on travel to the US from several Muslim-majority countries.

Joint Statement on Orlando Assault of LGTBQ and Latino Communities

(June 2016)

2016-2017 Summary of Activities and 2017- 2018 Goals

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