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The Alliance has compiled this set of integrated pest management resources from amongst its own offerings as well as those throughout the nonprofit and museum sector.

Alliance Resources

LED Lighting in Museums

Museum magazine discusses LED lighting and how using them promotes sustainability for a museum’s operations. The article also discusses color quality, safety around life-sensitive artifacts, glare, and balancing preservation with operations.

Other Resources

Agents of Deterioration: Light, Ultraviolet and Infrared

The Canadian Government provides a number of resources on agents of deterioration including this webpage dedicated to ultraviolet and infrared light. The page includes information on sources of light, damage, and control of these types of light.

Light Levels for Storage and Exhibition

Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts’ (CCAHA) Connecting to Collections resources includes this helpful 1-page PDF with recommended light levels for different types of objects on exhibit.

Monitoring and protecting from UV in a museum or gallery

Preservation Equipment, a British company that sells different types of museum equipment, shares this blog post on monitoring and protecting objects from ultraviolet light in museums.

Preventive Conservation

The National Gallery of Australia provides access to the AICCM Conference Paper from 2008 on Works on Paper. It covers reducing deterioration, inherent instability, and overall environmental concerns.

The Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) has a technical leaflet on protecting paper and book collections during an exhibition. It discusses how light affects paper objects and provides practical tips on how much time a paper object should spend on display and goes into framing and loans. The leaflet includes suggested further readings.

Protection from Light Damage

The Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) has a technical leaflet titled Protection from Light Damage. It discusses different types of light, practical tips for estimating light damage, and ways to control light. The leaflet includes a bibliography and a list of suppliers.

Reducing Visible and Ultraviolet Light Damage to Interior Wood Finishes

The National Park Service (NPS) has a Preservation Tech Note with guidance for reducing light damage to interior wood finishes. It states that visible light passing through windows protected with UV filters can cause significant damage to certain types of stains. The article discusses steps that can be taken to protect sensitive furnishings.

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