Institutional Planning

AAM’s Strategic Plan

American Alliance of Museums
AAM shares it’s most recent strategic plan and planning process.

Developing an Institutional Plan

American Alliance of Museums
The Alliance shares a reference guide that explains the importance of institutional planning, offers considerations for the process of planning and outlines steps to begin planning. It reflects national standards and is in line with the requirements of the Alliance’s Core Documents Verification and Accreditation programs.

Museums Must Prepare for Demographic Shifts

American Alliance of Museums

Museum magazine looks at how museums can respond and adapt to demographic and social change. The article recommends broadening the museum’s sense of identity, investing in diversity in the field, engaging energetic and social Millenials, and focusing on participatory experiences.

Required Elements of an Institutional Plan

American Alliance of Museums

This recorded webinar explores the elements of an institutional plan based on national standards; the most common plan shortcomings; and different approaches to planning and implementation. The program emphasizes the importance of an institutional plan that is current and timely, comprehensive and formal, relevant and realistic and inclusive of internal and external stakeholders. This program is a useful tool as you prepare for Core Documents Verification.

Sample Documents

American Alliance of Museums

AAM provides Tier 3 museum members with sample institutional plans.

Mission and Institutional Planning Standards

American Alliance of Museums

The Alliance provides standards on institutional planning. The Alliance uses the term institutional planning to emphasize a process and document that guide the acquisition, growth, and allocation of resources for the overall institution. It may also be called strategic planning or long-range planning. An institutional plan is frequently supplemented by separate implementation or operating plans that are the means of implementing the decisions made in the strategic plan. Implementation plans address day-to-day operations or one specific operational area, such as collections, conservation, or education.

Taking the Long View

American Alliance of Museums

Museum magazine discusses the length of an institutional plan and the strategic and operational aspects. It looks at aligning goals with demographics and trends so that a museum’s plans can be successful in the long run.

Tomorrow in the Golden State: Museums and the Future of California

American Alliance of Museums

The Alliance’s Center for the Future of Museums’ Tomorrow in the Golden State builds on a session “Forecasting the Future of California Museums,” held at the 2010 AAM Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo. The guide presents a quick overview of future studies and forecasting, provides agendas, potential invite lists and notes on logistics to help plan a forecasting session, and shares insight about using the results of the forecasting session to encourage community action and support institutional planning.

When Less is More

American Alliance of Museums

Museum magazine explains that staff reduction and shrinking budgets can lead to many museums prioritizing and focusing on doing good work, clarifying impact they want to achieve in communities, and focusing on quality and relevance.

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