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Introducing the TrendsWatch 2018 Scenarios

Category: Future Forecasting
Why Tell Stories About the Future? Plans based on one anticipated future are brittle: they are prone to failure if the underlying assumptions turn out to be wrong. Many a strategic plan has …

Gorilla Warfare: How to Handle Exhibition Errors

Category: Alliance Blog
It’s not a matter of if, but when. Whether an exhibition is 500 square feet with a few labels and a curator’s catalogue, or a whopping 50,000 square feet with hundreds of graphic panels and …

Strategic Foresight Toolkit

Get your copy today! Why and how to use this toolkit This new resource provides a comprehensive introduction to strategic foresight—a vital skill set that enables individuals and …

Futurist Friday: Humans Need Not Apply (Even Us Creative Types)

Category: Center for the Future Of Museums Blog
We’re entering an era in which robots are not only building but also driving cars, chatbots are delivering customer service, and artificial intelligence is preparing legal briefs and …

Gearing up to Explore the Museum of Tomorrow

Category: Center for the Future Of Museums Blog
We are in full annual meeting prep mode here at AAM, getting ready to offer you a great experience in Houston. Since this year the whole meeting pretty much revolves around the future, CFM …

Throwback Thursday: Revisiting the Ransolm

Category: Center for the Future Of Museums Blog
CFM’s latest forecasting report, TrendsWatch 2014, has been out a month now, and I have been getting great feedback. The magic chip reports the paper has been opened over 1,700 times. …

Wild Times: In which social service nonprofits save the day.

Category: Future Forecasting
Introduction to This Scenario A wild card scenario explores the kind of low-probability, high-impact event that can disrupt the best-laid plans. Though you shouldn’t obsess about these …

Glimpses of the Ethical Future

Category: Center for the Future Of Museums Blog
Today’s guest post is by Sally Yerkovich, director of the Institute of Museum Ethics at Seton Hall University and instigator of the Forecast on the Future of Museum Ethics. You can catch up …

Futurist Friday: Seeing the Bigger Picture

Category: Center for the Future Of Museums Blog
You can follow FiveBooks (& their cutemanatee mascot) on Twitter@five_books Today, for your weekly fix of futurism, I recommend you bop over to the Five Books site to read …

Staying in Touch: Addressing Concerns to Allow Tactile Exploration at Museums

Category: Alliance Blog
The COVID-19 pandemic is creating new norms that discourage touching all manner of objects to curtail the spread of the virus. However, when public spaces reopen, understandable concern …

Throwback Thursday: Respite, Retreat…and Privacy

Category: Center for the Future Of Museums Blog
In TrendsWatch 2013, we covered the rising dissatisfaction with our always-connected, hyper-digital world, giving birth to a movement dubbed “digital detox.” Now, as documented …

September Suggestions: Spice up your Scanning

Category: Center for the Future Of Museums Blog
Time to reinforce my relentless message: even when it seems like a guilty pleasure or a waste of time, you should carve out space each day to study a least one short piece of news, read a …

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