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60 Ideas in 60 Minutes: Sizzling Ideas in Audience Engagement and Inclusion

Category: On-Demand Programs: Marketing and Public Relations

This is a recorded session from the 2020 AAM Virtual Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo.

Watch this recording from the Public Relations and Marketing (PRAM) Professional Network, Visitor Experience Group (VEX), and International Audience Engagement Network (IAE) for a fast-paced session highlighting fresh ideas in audience engagement from organizations large and small.

Presenters: Krista Dahl Kusuma, Audience Engagement Chair, Visitor Experience Group; Timothy Hallman, Director of Communications & Business Development, Asian Art Museum; Peggy Martin, Head of Design + Editorial, Minneapolis Institute of Art


Krista Dahl Kusuma: Hi, Tim.

Tim Hallman: Hello. Can everyone hear me.

Tim Hallman: Can you hear me.

Yes. Great.

Tim Hallman: Thank you all for joining us. I hope you can hear me loud and clear.

I do want to welcome all of you on behalf of PRAM the PR and marketing professional network of the American Alliance of Museums i’m joined with by

Krista, and Eric the visitor experience group. They’ll Introduce themselves in the moment, just a quick overview of some housekeeping suggestions.

Throughout the presentation. We’re going to take opportunities to invite ideas and comments from you. We recommend that you put those in the Q AMP a section that will be easier for us to say use the chat for checking in with friends and colleagues that have joined the zoom call

I apologize for any noise that you are hearing. I’m actually at my museum in the Asian Art Museum in downtown San Francisco Civic Center, and there is actually a protest up outside and I do want to take a moment to acknowledge the

Confusion, the pain, the uncertainty of not only the code. But what is happening in our cities is the time for us to

Be aware and supportive of the unheard and acknowledge that Black Lives Matter and we’ll spend a moment, thinking about that. The second. But I also want to now introduce Krista, and Eric from the visitor experience with

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Hi everyone, my name is Krista doll consumer and I’m the co lead and founder of Bay Area Vex and also the audience engagement Chair of the visitor experience group.

The visitor experience group is a professional development organization that was founded in 2012

For sharing best ideas and best practices innovations in the field of visitor experience and hosts an annual visitor experience conference every fall and this year’s conference will be virtual and Eric

Erick Orellana: Thank you, Christa I am the other co lead of the Bay Area vex truly blessed and

Lucky to be part of such a welcoming and overall wonderful group of museum professionals in the visitor experience realm.

Overall, I’ve been into visitor experience field for about six years, and most recently I was the visitor experience manager at Chabot space in Science Center for the past four

Tim Hallman: Thank you.

For those of you who have not been part of 60 ideas in 60 minutes. This is how it works. We have

A list of 50 or 60 ideas that we want to share with you. We’ve broken them into groupings and at the end of each grouping.

Will invite you to chime in. So let you’ll actually get more than 60 ideas, actually. Too many to count. It’s a, it’s actually a lot of fun.

And this year, we are focusing on some of the things that we’ve seen all of you and your colleagues do at your museums to respond to come back to keep engaged with your audiences.

So without further ado, we’re going to get started here are your presenters again on Tim home and director of communications at

And business development at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, Krista Kusama is from backs, as is Eric from is also a vexing here in the Bay Area. All of us are from the Bay Area, Krista, you want to get us started.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Gladly. And I want to second to or or support the sentiments that Tim shared this morning, before we begin, I’d like to invite all of you to join us and collective. Pause

And please stand. If it’s available to you. And if you’re a if you’re able to close your eyes. Place one hand over your heart and one over your stomach bring some awareness to your feet and to where your feet, touch the earth and I invite you to take one lung long breath in with me.

And out again.

And once more in

And out

And I invite you to set your intentions with us for this time together may this be a time for inspiring brave spaces within our organizations for

Addressing and justice for amplifying voices that fight to be heard and for healing the violence that plagues us, may we move forward from this time of crisis, with greater hope truth and love and with that now will begin. Next slide.

Format. Our first category is format. It is a novel or playful way in which a program is presented.

And our first contestant or first candidate is tank chats in a special museum from home series The tank museums curator David Wiley shares highlights from the world’s finest collections of tanks and military armored fighting vehicles.

And for the record, David does not use a teleprompter for any of his videos impressive stuff.

real science glitter germs. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis as science educators have you covered with these fun at home experiments that take just a few ingredients.

In this experiment, the educators show how germs are spread and the importance of handwashing all with great storytelling and baby oil plus glitter.

Next slide.

Tim Hallman: To get it to go forward. There we go.

Erick Orellana: Up next we have the Oakland Museum of California, which currently hosts Friday night events that features like music’s on. It’s very nice grounds.

Own car shifted. It’s Friday nights parties online by sharing playlist from the local musicians and DJ that what they would typically host

Day encourage all participants to submit their best dance be a video. Most recently, it was a dance called the cupid shuffle and many participants is admitted their dances are then featured in om CA’s virtual version of their Friday night event.

Next one, please.

This one comes from the Chicago Academy of Sciences. They started an email series to bring their nature museum straight to their patrons inbox every newsletter is dedicated to a day’s worth of Nature and Science facts.

Activities and guiding questions to ask children topics and activities very but range from how to butterflies eat to a virtual storytime.

Next one, please.

E Hastings Museum and Art Gallery letting creation of a Community piece of art.

In the form of a digital quilt. The project saw that audience recreate Edward Adams painting Hastings Corner House in the blue saloon.

Which actually is in their own hometown of Hastings submitters contributed to different squares using a various different forms of media to create a truly unique collaborative piece of art.

Next one.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Snail jokes on Tech Talk. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History has attracted millions of viewers of curator 10 years telling snail jokes on the video sharing social networking website. Tick tock.

Question, why are snails so well prepared for the coronavirus answer because they already work from home sex live

Virtual Prom night in solidarity with all the high schoolers whose parents have been canceled and individuals of all ages sheltering at home around the world.

The San Jose Museum of Art hosts a virtual dance party and a special flashmob led by an Emmy award winning choreographer.

No previous stance experience required plus pre event video tutorials for DIY core sizes pension snack recipes and make over tips. What better way to celebrate the international dance day

Erick Orellana: Up next we have the Chabot space and Science Center. This year Chevelle hosted our annual version.

Of your Star Wars event. Virtually the virtual celebration included a DIY bottle lightsaber activity, a special appearance by Star Wars, Star or 2D two

And a performance by the San Francisco cantina band. The event was capped off with the shadow audience sharing their best Star Wars costume and looks be a virtual fashion show.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: participating organizations, raise the bar with their hashtag sassiest objects in this version of hashtag curator battle other contestants include hashtag creepiest object and hashtag fabulous footwear. Can you beat it.

Digital murder mystery then Matta took Art Museum host its first all digital murder mystery, a trip back in time to the roaring 1920s with bootleggers suffragettes flappers and mobsters watch the opening scene interrogate the subjects inspect the clues and figure out who done it.

Tim Hallman: Now it’s a chance for you to give us some ideas we suggest that you put them in the Q AMP a share your best ideas and will read them off. Unfortunately we can’t

There’s over 500 people on the on the call. We can’t call on people specifically but we encourage you to chime in, in the Q AMP. A and

Hopefully you’ve got some ideas that you’d like to share

Krista, I’m going to ask you to open the Q AMP. A and Eric, maybe you can look at the chat room to see if there’s any ideas coming in there.

I have one. Good question. It says, will there be additional online resources for each of these and I can say absolutely will share all of these great ideas and with links and a big shout out to all of our muse social and museum colleagues who helped make this possible.

Thanks, Kristen.

Eric seen anything interesting in the chat.

Yeah, we got a Stephanie here was a mornings at Sam TED talk on one on one artwork and collection of Smithsonian American Art Museum was dialogue, not just presentation.

Erick Orellana: So finding a different way to communicate with her pieces, which is always a good thing. Jenna here. Jenna boss boss cert creating digital puzzles online from your collection photographs using Jigsaw planet or other websites like that other fun way to engage

Krista Dahl Kusuma: I also have the pen museums living room lectures Q AMP. A based casual lectures with our curators and staff.

And an artist to studio tour.

Tim Hallman: Any others from York

Erick Orellana: How we got one more from Kira Friday artists talks with local artists at the Maloof over zoom

Krista Dahl Kusuma: And I have one more as well. I’ve the University of Iowa Libraries is doing a snacks from this stacks series of videos. Special Collections and main gallery library staff are making cooking videos using historic recipes from are rare cookbook collections also great.

Tim Hallman: Any others.

Erick Orellana: I think we can move on to the next section here.

Next we have the access this upcoming session highlights programs or strategies that make attempts at removing barriers to access

Starting off with the Monterey Bay Aquarium they be going to provide virtual tours inside the video game Animal Crossing.

The game actually host its own virtual museum and the Monterey Bay social media staff lie schemes or adventures over on their twitch channel.

As they discovered the different animals bugs and fossils that live within the game.

The team also welcomes various experts from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and other institutions like the field and Smithsonian to provide further information on every discovery, they make and to further interact with their audience as they inhabit their little island there.

Thanks, sir.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: All right, the virtual vertical tour on this adventurous behind the scenes tour. You’ll climb all the way to the top of the world’s largest cathedral ST. JOHN the divine

All without leaving home on this museum from home virtual tour, you’re taken up the spiral staircase inside the cathedral was to build to view stained glass windows up close the cathedral from the diet and from the roof fantastic view of New York City.

Erick Orellana: The Museum of Science and Industry. There are great trend story exhibit as a model train that allows it visitors to catch an overview of the United States train route between Seattle and Chicago

Normally, guess what overlook it. But given the curtain conditions they actually created a 360 degree video that is narrated by exhibit designer john Llewellyn to take a guess on the actual training itself as it makes its journey.

We have a Twitter here from the Royal Academy hashtag are a doodle where the Royal Academy of Arts in London has been providing prompts to its Twitter followers for a daily dying challenge using the hashtag are a daily doodle.

Prompts have ranged from mustache men with oversized close as she’s there to a fire breathing turkey. So really the captions and the prompts vary wildly, and it’s a lot of fun, definitely check out the the resources there for that one.

Tim Hallman: I’m sure many of us have seen this one the Getty Museum in Los Angeles challenge their social media followers to recreate a work of art with objects and people from the cup of comfort of their own homes.

And the internet did not disappoint. Though the known as the Getty challenge the original originally got the idea from Tucson quinson quarantine a Dutch Instagram whose name means between art and quarantine.

Erick Orellana: Up next we have the children’s kayden Children’s Museum. They’ve been doing a different transitioning from there on, on ground plate to online.

By creating a virtual world where every weekday under Instagram and later on. Under YouTube channel, the educator zero kayden host programming that features music Storytime art making and even yoga for the young audience to

The virtual telescopes telescope viewings at Chabot space and Science Center is every Saturday as a transition from their old

Weekend model every week one of Chabot space and science centers residents astronomers shows their audience exactly what is currently above them guess they’re also able to engage an open forum so they can ask any and all questions relating to the sky above them.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Picture it is both a sugar cookie and the painted steel work that inspired it Robert our third goodness dinosaur 1958

Can you tell which is which. Join the Western Art Museum and creating edible versions of your favorite artworks from the museum’s collection and enjoy a tasty treat while you do it.

Museum games. I saw this in the chat already and and heard about jigsaw.

Museum games in an effort to foster people’s enjoyment with museums during the pandemic. The Akron Art Museum started a new global initiative hashtag museum games.

On Sundays museums around the world post clues for different puzzles on their social media platform. And if you’re stuck, the answers are given out on Thursdays.

And in a second edition of hashtag museum games participants are encouraged to reassemble artworks from participating museum collections.

Tim Hallman: There are many museums that the desks, especially the Yale British Art Museum using artworks from their collection to offer opportunities to for coloring pages for people of all ages.

And the Cal Academy of Sciences here in the Bay Area hired a work to the artists to create a very special coloring page enacting of their, their museum roller skating cheetahs vacationing cephalopod stargazing gazelles the color pages in is the work of the Academy of friend Nigel Sussman.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: You Delaware contemporary hosts its first drive through experience debuting a new exterior gallery and a launchpad for their public art initiative.

This inaugural show features three massive banners by artists to Risa Cromarty enhanced with a soundscape conceived by the artist and composed by pop and electronic artists Angelica,

Tim Hallman: So we’ve heard about photo bombing. Here’s an interesting take on that zoom call if you’re looking for a little excitement during your next zoom meeting or virtual happy hour the Cincinnati Zoo and botanical garden has got you covered.

Add Fiona the hippo to your zoom call each call will last 15 minutes and can be done on any video conference service that you choose.

You can face time with Fiona the hippo Rico the porcupine the drafts or a mystery animal, the funds raised by the Cincinnati zoom meetings go directly to its emergency operating fun

Sounds like a lot of fun.

Now we’d love to hear ideas from you. You can either put them in the Q AMP. A which is easier for us to read or in the chat section. Any ideas from you. Crystal love you overlook the q&a section and Eric can chime in from the chat.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: I have one here already. That’s hashtag my museum at home museum staff sharing the works of art and they have in their homes.

And virtual summer camp seven weekly activity packets with instructions and craft materials videos and pick up from the WC you library mountain Heritage Center in western Carolina at Western Carolina University.

Erick Orellana: Yeah, one over here, what the discovery world at home brings daily DIY science experiment and livestream workshops on new topics weekly such as coding backyard astronomy flight sound, etc. And they also use common household items in a program

Krista Dahl Kusuma: I have project. Stay planted backyard bioblitz using I naturalist

Erick Orellana: Weekly, I see me here who is thanking us for the shout out for hashtag museum games, everyone is welcome to join and the hammer at heartless on Twitter to further interact

Krista Dahl Kusuma: And virtual animal pen pals visitors right to our museums live animal collection and get a response and see my shares. I like at ROM afternoon science Facebook live events.

Shout out.

Erick Orellana: We have a virtual archaeology camp was human fighter materials from the Wayne County Historical Museum in Richmond, Indiana.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: I have asking visitors to create comic strips of the historical figures who stayed at our historic home and then share them back to social media.

And hashtag share your artwork. Our company asked the community to share artwork and crafts. They’ve been making while in quarantine.

We then shared selections on a weekly basis on our social media pages and hidden gems short videos focused on one object at the Maloof shared on social media, plus weekly beach and coast walks to showcase our reserve and unique beach finds

Erick Orellana: The key chicken museum and Alaska host a weekly behind the scenes tour other hidden collections hosted by their curator.

And hashtag to the board from home you know informational step by step videos for families to create art from home, inspired by their collection.

And this last one here, the tech interactive at home engineering design based activities using commonly found materials at home.

Tim Hallman: Krista any more from you.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: We’re good. Good.

Tim Hallman: Just a reminder this presentation, including the chat and the recording of the entire presentation will be made available afterwards so that

Lots of great ideas in the chat will be available along with the PowerPoint. Let’s move on to our next section which is engage. This is where we invite audiences to actively participate in programs.

This one is fun cup noodle Museum in Yokohama allows visitors to design their own cup of noodle packaging.

So that they can customize how they want to enjoy their meal interactive food museum is named after Momofuku Armando who invented the world’s first instant noodles in 1958 and founded missing foods, the company that makes cup of noodles that we all survived on in college.

And go ahead

Erick Orellana: We have the scuderi that pretty gnarly, and Rome has provided a virtual walk of their Raphael exhibit

This allowed us to reopen this wonderful exhibited virtually and share the artwork with its guests once more the virtual tour is also narrate to memorize years with the history of the great artists and his work.

We’re heading back to the Getty Museum, who has provided guests and Animal Crossing blares with the digital coast at a world class art collection, which allows them to decorate their island in game.

Was works found at the Getty, yes. That means you can decorate a tropical island using the works of Monday, and remember it.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: And from cosine, the center of Science and Industry, a pair of Japanese black hooded rats are pitted against one another for a thrilling game of one on one.

In order to share about the conditioning learning and physical traits of these special critters and have a little light hearted fun to

Tim Hallman: Read our animals section. Now, if you haven’t been able to recognize and many of you are. I’m sure familiar with the great Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and having their while the music while the aquarium was closed the penguins.

Went on field trips to explore other areas of their home using some aquatic friends along the way.

And what PowerPoint or zoom conversation or internet being would not be complete without cats.

Atlanta Humane Society took their puppies and then their kittens on a field trip to the Georgia Aquarium, while it was close to the public really wonderful partnership to between two nonprofit organizations.

This one is a fascinating concerned that their garden eels so name because their glass like parents went in on mass. They put their heads out of the seabed.

Could come to see visitors as a threat the Tokyo psychiatry aquarium is asking people to get in touch in the form of calming video calls with the eels.

People are asked to show their faces wave and talk deals, but given the animals natural bashing as they are requested, not to raise their voices.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: We Smithsonian American Museum, the Getty, the young black man and so many others have been sharing their works from their collections for uses virtual background on the now ubiquitous video conferencing systems.

And enterprising student or room at EC Puno be compiled them all in one place and calls it the zoom rooms museum.

Virtual art in bloom at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, though I RL art in bloom 2020 was cancelled the Minneapolis Institute of Art asked visitors to tune into virtual art in bloom and share some flower inspired cocktails to go with

Speed curating the Imperial War Museum in London, engage their audiences by challenging their curators to speed curate something about the collection in 60 seconds, go.

Art and museum partnership, while the Kansas City’s who’s been closed. They’ve been actively caring for the animals, including adding enrichment experiences to stimulate their minds.

Our friends have been Nelson Atkins Museum of Art invited buzzers humble penguins for a morning of fine art and culture.

Erick Orellana: He said, Antonio Zoo is found a way to bring in families eager to see some animals, while maintaining social distancing by way of the drive to the zoo.

The route goes around the zoo. Yes, are required to drive a slough like four miles an hour and comes with an audio tour that can be accessed via the zoo’s websites tickers for the first drive through experience actually sold out in under two hours. So more dates were immediately at

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Met Gala challenge costume Institute officially announced that the hashtag Met Gala challenge. Once the in person event was cancelled.

The invited audiences to recreate past Met Gala RED CARPET LOOKS from home started by Vogue and Billy porter and the results and publicity certainly did not disappoint.

The National cabling Museum at times was in our organization, we must take on roles that kind of are outside our normal daily tasks this took place at the National cabling museum where the head of security, all of a sudden found himself at the helm was a social media for his institution.

What ended up happening is that they were able to find a unique and, more importantly, an authentic voice to represent their center as they were closed.

The Cleveland Museum of Art its art lens up the app so original purpose was to serve a pocket guide for guests visiting the Cleveland Art Museum

There was also features was in the app that went beyond people using it on the ground as a museum.

This is where the artland is up in select kind of takes place. The first virtual Arctic submission up designed specifically for more remote workplaces.

Artland is an app created by the museum, enabling its users to explore its collection to visit maps and to create and share the road trip experiences and create your own tours.

The new slack app is designed to enable groups of employees working remotely to curate an exhibition unique to their company while enriching the workspace was art and culture.

Tim Hallman: the Brooklyn Museum

Always comes up with a really wonderful ideas. There’s a partnership and a quarter competition says code that 19 pandemic began many graduate and art students have had to grapple with the fact that they can’t showcase their final projects.

Are received their diplomas and person museum teamed up with Instagram to host a digital Portrait Competition and exhibition land they launched your portrait 2020 portrait contest in which portraiture by five young artists has been selected for an online portrait exhibition

Exploratorium here in the Bay Area is known for really wonderful education programs and hands on experiences and had to figure out new ways to engage their audiences while they were closed.

And created the learning toolbox. It makes sense of timely topics and finds general science support for your virtual classroom. We’re learning together at home. This is great for anyone with kids who are home from school and need activities and it’s also great way to learn about

What’s going on in our world with the virus.

The Breakfast Club from the Academy of Sciences is another wonderful example of something to do each morning to reconnect with the academy.

It might be closed and quirky may sometimes feel like the tension, but science never stops at 10am on select mornings Academy experts bring discoveries insights and stories from around the world.

Spending a wide range of subjects through live in formal presentations, followed by Q and A’s with with the viewing audience stream simultaneously on their YouTube and Facebook pages these many classes are for everyone because each of us each one of us has a brain.

Another one from the Explorer talk Exploratorium is science snacks hungry for fresh exciting science activities based in amazing phenomena science max our hands on teacher tested and use cheap available materials to satisfy your curiosity. Don’t miss our special collections.

Where they have even great access to some of their exhibits that are no longer accessible because the museum is closed.

Nightlife anyone that’s familiar with the Bay Area knows that nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences. One of the best evening programs in the in the region.

Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences doesn’t sleep. Now the nightlife continues to bring iconic after hours programming every Thursday night with an eclectic mix of science music and art but plus deep dives into science related themes.

Now, we welcome ideas from you. Crystal ask you to monitor the Q AMP. A and Eric. If you can monitor the chat.

Erick Orellana: Turn. We have a few that came in over the last section there. We have can taste, Miss Wendy tell a science museum, big fan. By the way, we compiled a hashtag coworker chronicles of our pets that were helping us work from home.

The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Has some great online program to cleaning cooking classes to harvest and cook with local plants found in the Sonoran desert area.

The Coca Cola Space Science Center does kit and adult sky tourists for will be in the sky that night.

No Krishna, the Oakland Museum of California has a nest in place program where you can discover the world of birds with a bird seem to bingo game and find info for birding for beginners.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: I’ll help. Eric out with the the chat. Because I think most are there, but we have a hashtag diagram a challenge. And there was a question about a community based drive by or a drive through experience and Patricia shared Patricia Valdez shared that there’s an LA based curator.

Who share. Actually, I think there’s a LA Times article about this as well, a drive by art exhibition

Tim Hallman: BROOKE Leonard, I’ve noticed that some people are raising their hands. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to access those elements in this presentation. Are you able to help

Brooke Leonard: I believe so. Tim, I can let folks talk if you’d like me to do that.

Tim Hallman: I would love to hear other voices. Besides, Eric and Chris says that even though I love them dearly.

Brooke Leonard: Sure, will do.

Christina, can you unmute yourself.

Let’s try.

Tim Hallman: Thanks for bearing with us as we

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Try to navigate this

Brooke Leonard: Yeah, Tim, I my as people raise their hand, I will ask them, I will allow them to talk and ask them to unmute but we haven’t had that happen so far.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Okay. Meanwhile, there are a couple of other ideas that came in. There’s ask a gardener feature on social media. Media ask our horticulture staff your plant questions from the Naples Botanic Garden.

Erick Orellana: Yeah, I believe the contest it from the chat is that it doesn’t look like they have the option to unmute themselves.


Tim Hallman: Lynn. Let’s go to our final section and we’ll probably end with a

10 or 15 minutes of spirit time. So keep those ideas coming we this is a, there are more than 500 people on the zoom call, we would love for them to hear about your ideas. Again, put them in the chat or the Q AMP. A so that

Everyone can see who you are, where you’re from and to be able to follow up if necessary. Our final section is heal. This is where programs or strategies are designed to help participate participants cope with the stress of the crisis.

care packages. These are some really wonderful ideas from many museums to that struck stuck out to us where the Rubin museum and the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American center.

Care Packages is a collection of creative off screens by artists, writers and scholars who who collaborated with in recent years.

You’ll find a range of approaches to addressing uncertainty anxiety and grief through vision reflection and healing. Most of these things have been exhibited in past programs, but have never been made widely accessible in till now.

Erick Orellana: The Museum of Science in Boston and collaboration, which local station W GBH hosted a free community wide town hall forum to discuss the latest details around the

This was an opportunity to join a discussion was experts and local leaders to further understand the severity of the pandemic.

Tim Hallman: Shout out to the field Brook one of many of our museums and many of us individually have thought of ways to be of service.

Kudos to the Fallbrook they developed initiatives to be of service beyond their walls empathizing with all who may have been and will continue to be impacted by the coven 19 pandemic.

We’re all in this together and they are here to help. They committed to for new initiative supporting the immediate needs of their community, including supporting Tulsa area code 19 response fund.

Supporting food banks supporting artists and supporting all of you who might be in need of some type of activity to stay engaged.

Cocktails, with a curator, the correct collection has a really wonderful program concocting the perfect mix of cocktails and our every Friday at 5pm Eastern Time join them for a happy hour as a curator.

Offers insights on our work of art with a complimentary cocktail, bring your own garbage to this virtual event that they always provide a cocktail recipe, including mocktail versions.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, where I spent 10 or so happy years and is transforming its satellite Gallery in East Boston into a fresh produce distribution hub for East Boston residents during the pandemic.

The food hub is staffed by the museum’s cater and is prepared to feed upwards of 400 families each month. It’s one way the museum can support its neighbors on the front lines of this devastating public health crisis.

Tim Hallman: You soon. Okay, many museums have been doing this but it all began with a New York Historical Society and the Hershey Museum and Sculpture Garden.

They started sending bouquets of flowers to other major art institutions, the first recipient was the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Renwick Gallery

Which receive an image of a spirit of Apple Boston’s by American painter Martin Johnson, he’d museum as quick to pay it forward and soon hundreds of museums 365 so far so far, willing to feel we’re willing we’re filling their feeds wood floor and messages of support for one another.

And this is our

Let me introduce this one as prerogative. One of my prerogatives as the host of this and I get to choose something from my museum.

This is a video from one of our curators, we created for social media that was meant to offer an early message of healing and comfort when things were really uncertain.

It’s about 90 seconds long. But it’s one of the things that I constantly remind myself of when I need a little bit of comfort.

Thank you for indulging me with that. I think it’s a nice way to wrap up the healing section, but we want to offer opportunities to you. BROOKE Is there any chance that we can hear some voices or is it still a challenge.

Jake, CommPartners: At this is Jake. So what we could do is promote people to presenter temporarily just to allow them to speak and then that should work fine.

Tim Hallman: Thanks, Jake.

Jake, CommPartners: It looks like, actually. And you might be unmuted right now if you want to try and talk

Krista Dahl Kusuma: While we’re sorting that out. We have to that were a couple that just got added the Brooklyn Public Library is a sponsor of theater of the wars interactive performances. KING LEAR will be performed on June 11

Erick Orellana: Over here at the San Diego. History Center who actually just called every single one of their members, just to check in and

Tim Hallman: See if they were okay which I

Erick Orellana: Absolutely love

Tim Hallman: That’s amazing that kudos, that’s amazing.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Good Jewish Museum of Maryland worked with our colleagues at the Reginald F Lewis Museum of Maryland African American history and culture.

On a virtual photography exhibit and complimentary programs about the photographs and activists working to address the root causes and the Baltimore uprising on the five year anniversary of Freddie Gray’s death, and there’s a website gray and black and white calm.

Erick Orellana: And we have one here, kind of a suggestion, but they would like to see large museums interact engage with smaller African American museums to discuss racial inequities and how museums matter Justin be exhibitions lectures.

Great, great idea for collaboration, which was into its intuitions.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Hi of hashtag Fridays spotlight a joint effort between silver plume exhibitions and Paleo artists teaching artistic techniques to recreate Paris prehistoric animals.

Erick Orellana: Can we have Joanna recommending initiatives from bazillion museums and cultural centers, they are in Portuguese only. So, first time to brush up.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: We have a number of great mindfulness resources and self care Sunday with the Carnegie Museum of Art, a guided meditation with a different focus each week inspired by an artwork in the collection.

And free your mind Fridays, which showcases nature videos from the reserve mission or Aransas. Did I say that right as well as the global locations are researchers UT MSI travel, it has been fun for the staff to see these places to

Erick Orellana: And we have another one from the San Diego. History Center where they were able to set up a story submission platform for people to submit their covert 19 stories history happening now sure story and they have hundreds of stories videos audios and images to share.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Now, I love these local partnerships. The Long Island’s museum teamed with a local veterans home to partner, children home from school. we’ve isolated veterans to form digital pen pal relationships during the pandemic and the Field Museum hosted a blood drive to meet their communities need

Erick Orellana: Those are currently all the ones, but I’ll try to catch up real quick.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: A number of questions about sharing resources. And yes, we’ll make sure that you have links to to all of the works that we shared

The dinosaur recreating org was the Western Art Museum does edible wham

Tim Hallman: Good Jake said that people that talk function might be working right now. Should we give it a try.

Jake, CommPartners: Yeah, so we currently don’t have anyone with their hand raised. But if people are interested, we can give that a go.

Tim Hallman: If not, we can. That was the end of our ideas. Thank you for bringing yours to the virtual conference.

Again, this was brought to you by PRAM, I hope. If you are interested in learning more about PRAMs you’ll follow us on our social media channels. And I want to thank Eric and Krista again for joining me. This is the first time we’ve done it in this format. Thank you for joining us and

Would love to we can stick around for another 10 or 15 minutes to answer questions or hear more ideas from you if you’re interested.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: In thank you all from the visitor experience group really appreciate your time and your ideas and inspiration and community today.

Tim Hallman: Look, are you able to tell everyone how the

Recordings will be available or to look out for them.

Brooke Leonard: Yes, we will email everyone when the recordings are available after the conference is over and you will be able to watch this.

Along with all of the other sessions that have been recorded during the five day and virtual conference, so look out for that email coming to probably sometime after

June 4 it’ll probably take a while for the sessions to be available and go live to you, but just keep your eye on on your email.

Tim Hallman: Thanks, Brooke.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Okay. Do you want a couple more from the chat.

Tim Hallman: Let’s do it.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: I have the USC Pacific Asian museum was able to host to pee pee drives and donations were sent to local hospitals.

Tim Hallman: Quick way of being of service.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: What an amazing community.

Tim Hallman: Thank you, Robert. For your compliment. We really should never sure how these things are going to go

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Eric, do you have a couple more.

Erick Orellana: I’m scrolling. Currently, and I’m also sharing a few commands. Some of the questions in the chat as well.


Krista Dahl Kusuma: I have your story matters, a new initiative of the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles to document the effects of the code 19 pandemic on people in Los Angeles region is the crisis is happening.

Great links in me my chat to the San Francisco children and nature collaborative city agencies and institutions assemble and distribute from seed planting kids to 3000 low income families. That’s great. Wonderful.

Erick Orellana: To have one here by Nicole Smith and the QA section. It’s more of a question of, do you do any of us know if any museum are making their online program accessible to members of the community that have disabilities.

I know a lot of the ones that I’ve looked through had closed captioning resources as well as a guidance for those. If a parent child relationship on the activity.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: And question about Eric. Eric, who are you presenting, who are you representing today.

Erick Orellana: Oh, the Bay Area visitor experience for

Krista Dahl Kusuma: If you’re in the Bay Area, and you’d like to be connected to us, please. Connect with either Eric or me, we’d love to have you.

Tim Hallman: It’s a great question from Nicole and encourage anybody in the in the chat to follow up about how making

Their programs accessible online.

Also, we’re at I think many museums are at the stage of close to finalizing or developing their plans for reactivation their buildings that they

Have an open door ready would love to hear some of the ideas that some of you are considering as new initiatives to make people feel welcome to feel comfortable to engage with you, museums in a safe, healthy manner.

Erick Orellana: We have a joy to hear from the guitar corral it Brazil opened a specific context for DEF poetry so wonderful initiative there.

Great idea.

Also here from Devon, we have the United States Botanic Garden has launched hashtag plant riddle weekly riddles written about a plant with the plant name photos and some scientific information about it going live 24 hours after each little pokes

I like to be a good rental, but I’m also very terrible items. So they do they’re good way for me to eat up time

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Here, here’s our Bay Area Beck’s contact anyone’s in the Bay Area.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Yes, I, I see a question about a future topics that we might consider for 60 ideas are various ways museums have created revenue, especially during this time and

You should be happy to know that there are future iterations of the 60 ideas coming soon, perhaps, to the visitor experience conference in October.

Tim Hallman: And I believe there is in this virtual meeting with a m a session, led by our development colleagues who do a similar 60 IDEAS ABOUT GENERATING REVENUE mainly I think on the contributed side, but it’s also a very popular program.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Great, and a note that the Chicago Park District had ASL videos for all to learn. I know sometimes our, our park district friends or that we can get great inspiration from from other institutions. So that’s a great tip.

Erick Orellana: Yeah, what’s museums associations, a good number of good ideas for reopening on their websites, including Tom I know cuz thought piece on managing destiny.

India Michele de Repubblica in Brazil. Did the embroidered word they work together through WhatsApp and make a digital book with the results.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: And maybe next 20 will be virtual

Tim Hallman: When will the next conference speed.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: It will be the original dates for October 14 to 16 i believe i don’t know if Dan is still on. But, um, but they will be posted to the website soon so mid October.

Thank you.

Tim Hallman: Just a final thought, this is a session that

Prem and visitor experience group have done for the last few years, but it’s a long popular program at a and we will be doing it likely again.

Next year, whether it will be virtual or on site is still to be determined. But if you have ideas or things that you’re proud of from your institution.

We always welcome and encourage you to share them with us in advance so we can build them into this presentation, so keep an eye out for invitations to participate through museum junction and other ways and our social media channels over the year


Krista Dahl Kusuma: Great, thank you everyone.

Tim Hallman: Again, on behalf of PRAM

Thank you, Eric. And Krista and hope everyone has a wonderful rest of a

Very important virtual meeting and kudos to aim for being able to pull this off in a


Complicated environment and as a long serving museum professional. I appreciate a continued service to our industry.

Krista Dahl Kusuma: Right, thank you everyone.

Erick Orellana: Thanks, everyone.

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