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Exploring a Fragmented Future

The second installment of TrendsWatch 2018’s scenarios of 2040 is now up on the web for discussion and comment! Fragmentation is woven from some of the anxieties shared by museum people …

Cultivating Lifelong Appreciation

Failing Towards Success

Future Fiction Challenge Winner!

Building the Future of Education

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Museums Matter – Invite Congress to Visit Your Museum and Legislative Updates

Category: Advocacy Alert
Advocacy Alert – June 26, 2019 Invite Congress to Visit Your Museum and Legislative Updates Did you know that a visit to the museum can change how elected officials think about …

More Evidence for the Power of Creative Aging

Category: ad summa: Museums and Creative Aging
One of the most fruitful areas of the creative aging movement is the one that explores the arts and aging. The evidence for the positive effects of arts on wellbeing is mounting rapidly …

The Metropolitan Museum Shrouded a Mark Chagall Painting to Draw Attention to World Refugee Day

Category: Influence of Museums
The museum shrouded the painting to ask the question: "What would the Met's walls look like if there were no refugees?" Works by other famous artists including Max Ernst, Piet Mondrian, and …