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Trans Inclusion: Shedding light on gender transition and inclusion in the workplace.

This article originally appeared in the September/October 2019 issue of Museum magazine, a benefit of AAM membership. Transgender people are a lot more common than you might imagine: recent …

Searching for Truffles: History Nebraska is using curiosity to grow staff capacity and enrich the museum experience

Inspiring Success: Why and how The Henry Ford developed its leadership program

No Stone Left Unturned: How the Oakland Museum of California is practicing equity and inclusion.

Ceding Authority and Seeding Trust

Discomfort in Learning: Museum audiences react to decolonizing practices.

Hiding In Plain Sight: An exhibition showcasing America’s obsession with Native American iconography aims to start a new conversation.

Time for New Norms: Museums must address their systemic inequities if they want to be truly inclusive—and relevant—institutions.

Flies in the Buttermilk: Museums, Diversity, and the Will to Change

Brace for Impact: Utah is conducting a pilot study to show the social impact of the state’s museums.

Nothing Ventured…:The San Diego Natural History Museum’s internal venture fund is encouraging experimentation and growth.

Museopreneur: How museums are leaping into new business models with entrepreneurial spirit

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