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How the MAP Program Helped the expERIEnce Children’s Museum Move Full Steam Ahead

Category: Excellence
When I became the executive director of the expERIEnce Children’s Museum in 2013, the museum was seeing tremendous growth in attendance and reinventing itself in the community. With these …

Sofa So Good: A word on behalf of older folks

Category: Ad Summa: Museums and Creative Aging
I don’t know about you, but a career in museums has made it very difficult for me to be a satisfied museum visitor. I find that I am always peering into “how the sausage is made,” as it …

Explore How Museums Can Rebuild Public Trust

Category: Center for the Future Of Museums Blog
Would you like to explore how museums can use their superpower of trust? This new video and discussion guide about “Truth, Trust, and Fake News”—the first chapter in CFM’s TrendsWatch …