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Developing and Managing Business and Individual Donor Support

Purpose and Importance Not-for-profit, charitable, educational and scientific organizations and those they serve have always benefited from the business sector and the generosity of …

In a Generous Spirit: Museums as Donees Standards, Best Practices, and Ethical and Legal Responsibilities

Category: Collections Stewardship
This article originally appeared in the July/August 2011 edition of the Museum magazine.  An excerpt from To Give and To Receive: A Handbook on Gifts and Donations for Museums and Donors, …

The “Open” Economy: Filling The Data Pipeline

Category: Future Forecasting
This article originally appeared in the March/April 2015 edition of Museum magazine. A sample of TrendsWatch 2015. “‘Open’ is already on track to supplant ‘participatory’ as buzzword of the …

The “Open” Economy: filling the data pipeline

“‘Open’ is already on track to supplant ‘participatory’ as buzzword of the year, with good reason. The proliferation of groups supporting and encouraging openness in the cultural/creative …

Don’t Raid the Cookie Jar: Creating Early Interventions to Prevent Deaccessioning Crises

Category: Research and Reports
This paper summarizes the ideas and recommendations generated at “Don’t Raid the Cookie Jar: Creating Early Interventions to Prevent Deaccessioning Crises,” a convening …

It’s Personal: one size does not fit all

“At the forefront of these revolutionary possibilities is personalized medicine, which is the idea of precisely tailoring each person’s medical care to his or her own unique genetic makeup. …

Essential Evaluators: A Brave New Dance

Category: Audience Research and Evaluation
Essential Evaluators seeks to gather evaluators in a common space to dialogue, reflect, and support each other in a world upended by COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter protest movement. …

A Greener Tomorrow: Museums Take Steps Toward Sustainability

Category: Environmental Sustainability
This article originally appeared in the July/August 2012 edition of the Museum magazine. According to AAM’s Code of Ethics for Museums, the common mission of our institutions is their …

Museopunks Episode 39: A new definition of “museum”?

Category: Influence of Museums
The season for existential crises continued this past month when the International Council of Museums (ICOM) announced that a working group had proposed a new definition for museums and …

Museopunks Episode 37: Experience doesn’t pay the rent

Category: Human Resources
Unpaid internships are commonplace in the museum world, supported by a culture that suggests “experience” and the chance to get “a foot in the door” are worth the sacrifice of time and lost …

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