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Faces of Baltimore Museums: Rachel Leeds

Have you heard about AAM 2024 in Baltimore this month? (We hope so—we’re doing our best!) If so, you might have seen one of our ads for this year’s edition, featuring a lovely …

Neurodivergent Needs: A Q&A with ADDitude Magazine

If museums want to be welcoming and accessible, one of the areas they must consider is neurodiversity. How do the ways we process information and stimuli differ from person to person, and …

Disrupting Museum Behavior: An Exploration of the Art Institute of Chicago’s “Cripping the Galleries”

On a hot Sunday afternoon, Sydney Erlikh, seated in a wheelchair, leaned against Maypril Krukowski, a woman with glasses seated on a bench. Sounds of church bells, shuffling footsteps, and …

4 Ideas to Create Linguistic Accessibility at Museums

Though the word “accessibility” has often been equated with giving access to those with disabilities, it can also mean something broader. Accessibility means looking at everything we create …

Building Community and Connection: Guidelines for Museum Educators Teaching Memory Care Programs

In the words of renowned museum educator and empathy expert Elif Gokcigdem, “Museums are safe, informal learning spaces, uniquely equipped to help audiences explore and imagine our human …

Different by Design: A New, Inclusive Framework for Accessible Museum Exhibitions

In January 2020, I authored a post for the Alliance Blog about speechless: different by design, an exhibition that I curated for the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) and the High Museum of Art in …

CARE-apy: On the Road to Welcome: Starting your accessibility journey

The concepts of accessibility and inclusion are not new. There is not, however, a straightforward blueprint for doing this work in a clear-cut and approachable way, meaning many museum …

Museum Accessibility: An Art and a Science

Over the past decade, conversations about accessibility have increased within the museum field, and many organizations including AAM have identified it as a priority. There is not, however, …
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Celebrating Deaf Culture: How 5 Leading Museums Approach Accessibility and ASL Year-Round

Category: Alliance Blog
After I asked my husband to repeat himself multiple times in one conversation, he eventually turned to me and said, “You don’t hear anything I say. Please get your hearing checked.” I …

Museums with a Future: Prioritizing Climate Resilience to Respond to a Changing World

Category: Center for the Future Of Museums Blog
This year’s TrendsWatch report spotlights the urgent need for humanity to curb our carbon emissions if we are to stave off the worst extremes of climate change. The term …

Guiding Light: How Values Exercises Can Help You Present Challenging Content

Category: Alliance Blog
Editor’s Note: If you’re interested in experiencing Ashley’s wellness work for yourself, come see her at AAM 2024, where she’ll lead two unique “Empathy in …

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