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Leadership of Shengyin Xu

Stephanie Shapiro - Co-Chair, PIC Green
  • Associate
  • Eagle Hill Consulting, Washington, DC
Shengyin Xu - Past Co-chair, PIC Green
  • Sustainability Manager
  • World Resources Organization, Washington, DC
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PIC Green Network

PIC Green is a professional network of the American Alliance of Museums. We are committed to establishing museums as leaders in environmental sustainability, a critical issue that is inextricably tied to mission fulfillment. PIC Green’s core values include education, collaboration, research, and communication. We seek to advance and celebrate environmental stewardship and aspire to help museums be green in every aspect of their operations and programs.

We believe that a museum’s role in the community includes being a resource for information and building awareness of issues that impact our world today. PIC Green’s focus is to explore and articulate green practices as fundamental to all museum missions. By setting a strong example and through education, museums can be green beacons in their communities to catalyze a potential triple net effect that encompasses economic, social, and environmental issues, internally and externally.

PIC Green strives to:

  • Cultivate, engage, and grow the PIC Green network to increase organizational and industry-wide impact.
  • Develop signature programs to educate, facilitate, and encourage green practices.
  • Position museums as leaders in environmental sustainability on a local, regional, national, and global level.
  • Evolve the organizational structure to integrate and increase effectiveness with AAM.

Get Involved

PIC Green is volunteer committee of AAM members. Its leadership is dedicated to sharing information about environmentally sustainable practice. It takes a village to make a difference. Join us and help make the museum village and beyond a much greener place!

Contact: boardpicgreen@aam-us.org

Encourage colleagues to pick green, too!

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