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MUSE Awards Criteria and Selection Process


To enter the MUSE Award competition, create one or more entries using our online application.

MUSE Award categories are based on the primary purpose of the program, regardless of the media in which it is executed. Although your entry might fit into more than one category, you must choose one category that best reflects your program. The MUSE Awards committee cannot recommend categories for your programs.

Depending on the award category, winners demonstrate outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas:

  • Content: including the quality of writing, script, narrative, editing, and research
  • Image: the quality of video and/or still images with special attention to how objects are visualized
  • Audio: the quality and innovative application of sound in a multimedia project
  • Interface: the quality of the visitor or user’s experience with special attention to the ease of use and/or navigation
  • Design: the visual appeal of graphic elements and the overall “look and feel”
  • Accessibility: the compliance with universal design guidelines
  • Innovative use of technology: the extent to which new directions are charted or old challenges are resolved by using technology in a new way
  • Appropriate use of technology: the extent to which the selected technology is effective, given its defined audience, purpose, and context
  • Overall appeal: including the success of connecting with a defined audience, and using narrative elements such as humor, drama, or mystery

How Entries are Judged

Jury committees are composed of GLAM education and media professionals with expertise in media and technology programming, production and subject content. Persons having a personal or professional association with an entry may not serve on a jury judging that category.

If you would like helpful feedback from the jury that reviewed your project, please contact and we will try to accommodate you.

Please note: Jury Chairs will only be able to respond to requests for comments after the M & T Museum Awards Reception held at the AAM Annual Meeting .

How Winners are Notified

Entrants will be notified of their awards status via e-mail.

Winners in each category receive either a Gold, Silver, Bronze or Honorable Mention award. All awards will be presented and featured at a reception during the AAM Annual Meeting. Winning entries are publicized on the Media & Technology website.

Winning Entries

Winners will be contacted once all judging has been finalized and information processed by the M&T MUSE chairs. Winners will not know what specific level of award they have won until the M&T Muse Awards reception (which is held at the AAM Annual Meeting). At that time the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mention winners will be announced for each category and a representative will be asked to come on stage to accept the award.

If you receive an e-mail that you have won an award, within one week’s time you are required to:

  • Confirm the accuracy of the submitted materials/information emailed to you, including entry number, entry title, category, producers (institution + external producer if applicable), primary contact(s) name and e-mail
  • Notify us of attendance for the Marketplace of Ideas at the Annual Meeting
  • Notify us if there will be a representative to claim the award at the Annual Meeting

 Note: If you have multiple winners please send a separate response for each, do not combine.

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