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Sample Reports

Sample reports are modeled after actual reports. These reports exemplify the approach and depth of information desired in a strong MAP report. They have utilized the report writing guide but tailored them to meet specific museum needs. MAP staff expects all reports to do the same. Please use these as examples only.

If you have questions or concerns about your report, please contact MAP staff. We will be happy to discuss your report, review and critique a draft, help locate resources and provide whatever assistance we can.

Sample Organizational Assessment Reports

Candy Bar Museum

Showcases what the museum does well and gives reasonable recommendations on how to achieve even stronger results. This includes:

  • Corresponding characteristics of excellence, at the beginning of each section, highlighting how the museum is connecting to these standards.
  • Priority recommendations are given at the beginning, discussed in detail throughout the report and then extended in the end.
  • Includes a timetable featuring short‐term, mid‐term and long‐term objectives, to make the timetable more manageable for the museum.

Download the sample Candy Bar Museum report.

Moffett-Weigert Museum

  • Gives straight-forward advice on the objectives of a smaller institution.
  • Carefully considers the limitations of staff, board, and budget
  • Gives the museum ways to begin improving their overall functionality
  • Prioritizes recommendations at the end

Download the sample Moffett-Weigert Museum report.

The Gotham Museum

  • Showcases characteristics of excellence throughout the sections with the entire characteristics listed at the end
  • Breaks up section recommendations by short-term, mid-term and long-term goals, making it easier for the museum to develop a work plan. Furthermore, it stresses disaster planning.
  • A good representation of how to address the complexities of a city museum and can be applied to many museums with parent organizations.

Download the sample Gotham Museum report.

Sample Collections Stewardship Assessment Reports

Geode Museum

  • Excellent example of a natural history museum and a good report for museums working with a different private non-profit society as its governing body
  • Explanation of the emergency disaster plan is particularly comprehensive
  • Prioritizing recommendations at the end by time (e.g., short term, medium range and long term)

Download the sample Geode Museum report.

Port City Social History Museum

  • Detailed instructions and recommendations on how to accomplish collections management goals
  • Books, website and other materials the museum will find useful in achieving their objectives are interspersed. This can sometimes be more useful than listing bibliographic materials at the end and expecting the museum to connect between the material and a particular bullet point.
  • This museum is preparing for reaccreditation and the report targets that aspect in many explanations and suggestions.

Download the sample Port City Social History Museum report.

Sample Community Engagement Assessment Reports

Norse Museum

  • Showcases how a museum can look for new ways to reinvigorate its current niche audience and search for new ones.
  • Focuses on how to work with and cultivate within a small to mid-size community base of support while remaining positive and upbeat.
  • Recommendations are clearly outlined, making it easier for the museum to locate, organize and utilize them when seeking financial support.

Download the sample Norse Museum report.

The Arctic Museum

  • Focuses on how to improve community engagement through interpretive planning, better resource management and better wayfinding signage and advertising.
  • Recommendations are easily understood and while challenging, not overwhelming.
  • Top recommendations are prioritized at the end, helping the museum figure out how to start taking advantage of them.

Download the sample Arctic Museum report.

Sample Leadership Assessment Reports

Ornamental Works Museum

  • Report focuses on a relatively new organization (only 10 years old) having mixed success with its board and concerns with the economic recession
  • Recommendations are well woven into the overall report and then pointed out at the end.
  • This report makes clear recommendations and then additional ideas on how they may be achieved.

Download the sample Ornamental Works Museum report.

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