Former Accreditation Commissioners and Terms of Service


William T. Alderson, 1970-1973 (Chair)

Stuart Ashman, 2003-2012

Amy Bartow-Melia, 2015-2019 (Chair 2018-2020)

Joel N. Bloom, 1976-1978

Robert Bowen, 1978-1984

Betsy Bennett, 2001-2007

Leslie Bowman, 2002-2007

Lonnie G. Bunch, 1994-2002

Revell Carr, 1988-1994

Mildred S. Compton, 1972-1982 (Chair 1976-1982)

Carol Enseki, 2005-2011

Dr. William U. Eiland, 2009-2014

Ann Fortescue, 2015-2018

James Gilson, 2016-2020

Marena Grant Morrisey, 1986-1991

Donald Hague, 1974-1980

Jill Hartz, 2017-2021

Robert Hume , 1970-1974

Irene Hirano  , 2001-2005

Jesse Otto Hite, 2000-2002

Kinshasha Holman Conwill, 1991-2001

Katherine Kane, 2003-2008

Katharine C. Lee, 1996-2000

George Lindsay, 1970-1972

Thomas A. Livesay, 1994-2003 (Chair 1997-2003)

Burt Logan , 2012-2017 (Chair)

Andrew E. Masich, 2004-2015

Peter Mooz, 1980-1983

Patricia Murphy, 2009-2014

Freda H. Nicholson, 1998-2000

James A. Oliver, 1972-1976

Harry S. Parker III, 1974-1982

Charles Parkhurst, 1970-1976

James L. Peterson, 1996-2003

Daniel R. Porter III, 1982-1988

Bonnie Pitman, 1985-1997 (Chair 1991-1997)

Hugo G. Rodeck, 1970-1974

James R. Short, 1973-1980

Harold K. Skramstad, Jr., 1982-1996

Kenneth Starr, 1982-1988

Mary Sue Sweeney Price, 2008-2016

Lourdes Ramos , 2015-2019

Evans Richardson, 2019-2022 (Chair 2021-2022)

Terrie Rouse, 2009-2014

Claire Sawyers, 2004-2010

Kenneth Schutz , 2015-2019

Todd Smith, 2016-2020

Martin E. Sullivan, 1997-2006 Chair 2003-2006)

Bonnie Styles  , 2007-2012 (2009-2012 Chair)

Roy L. Taylor, 1979-1991 (Chair 1985-1991)

Robert A. Thomas  1991-1996

William Tramposch,  2015-2018

Alexander J. Wall, 1970-1982 (Chair 1973-1976)

Katharine J. Watson, 1983-1986

Leland Webber, 1970-1972

Jean M. Weber, 1976-1985 (Chair 1982-1985)

James Welu, 2000-2009 (Chair 2006-2009)

Dennis M. Wint, 1984-1996

Arthur H. Wolf , 1997-2003

Inez Wolins, 2000


Original Accreditation Steering Committee 1968-1970

William Alderson

Charles Buckley

Weldon Frankforter

Richard Grove

Hugo G. Rodeck

William Steere

Holman Swinney

Vernal Yadon

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